Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions in Bolton, Lancashire

Eckersley Removals provide storage solutions from our depot in Bolton, Lancashire. Use our storage in conjunction with our home removal service to save time and hassle on storing your items.

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Secure Storage Solutions

Eckersley Removals offer climate-controlled facilities to protect your secured items from extremes of temperature. This ensures that your delicate goods aren't damaged by heat or cold and are safe no matter the season. Save yourself time and effort. Our packers provide all the materials necessary and are happy to do all of the work to get your goods to the depot.

Whatever You Need

Storage is available for both long- and short-term periods, and with full insurance cover. Eckersley Removals offer many storage options in a range of sizes to meet every budget. Talk to our experts to find out which size of storage unit is ideal for your needs and they'll give you a quote. Insurance coverage is available it is included as this is an extra cost.